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Čtvrtek 18. 4. 2013, 12.00


Přednášející prof. Michel Carral
Université de Toulouse
Téma On the area’s concept
Anotace We look the at topic of area vertically as a Euclidian notion, and as an invariant of a projective plane from the primary school till the university. We start by comparing areas geometrically by looking into old problems (transformation of polygonal in other polygon, squaring configuration, …), after that we recall the numerical evaluation of the area of a figure, and we follow with the ratio of two areas which is a good tool for geometrical demonstration and an invariant of the projective plane. We introduce trilinear coordinates (Cartesian, normal, barycentric, …), harmonic division, affine transformation by the areas and some properties. We conclude by the projective plane as it is defined by R. Hartshorne, in the way of a painter with the perspective.
Druh aktivity Seminář geometrie v anglickém jazyce
Délka aktivity 60 minut
Počet studentů 56
Učebna J 227
Datum, čas Čtvrtek 18. 4. 2013 - 12.00       (přihlášeno 10 studentů)




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