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16. 4. 2013, 08.00


Přednášející prof. Michel Carral
Université de Toulouse
Téma Role of the demonstration
Anotace With a geometry exercise we show the role of demonstration. A demonstration allows us to decide whether a property is true or not. But not only this, a demonstration gives us an idea, a light of the reason, an explication of the links between the elements of the configuration and general context environment. As two different demonstrations give different reason, the multiplicities of demonstrations give the best understanding of the situation and allow us to anticipate other properties. The different demonstrations of this exercise that I give show some links to the problem of Fermat (minimum distance of a point to the vertices of a triangle), the point of Torricelli and the physical problem of system stability. This talk allows us to understand that in the formation it is pertinent to look at the motive rather than at the how.
Druh aktivity Seminář geometrie v anglickém jazyce
Délka aktivity 90 minut
Počet studentů 30
Učebna J 327
Datum, čas 16. 4. 2013 - 08.00       (přihlášeno 3 studentů)