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Practical Language (AJAP4)

Summer semester 2017


This course will cover grammatical structures as presented in Units 1-3 of New English Files, intermediate level. Additionally, students will be required to submit (and correct if necessary) one writing assignment.


Anna Regina Helal, TL 311,

Consulting hours: Tuesday 10am-11am; Wednesday 9am-10am.


Course requirements:

  • Regular attendance: two unexcused absences permitted
  • Completion (and correction if necessary) of one writing assignment
  • Passing a grammar test on Units 1-3



  • New English File, Oxenden & Latham Koenig, OUP (Units 1-3)
  • Materials provided by the teacher


Grammar segments:

  • Contrasting present simple and present continuous; action & non-action verbs
  • Contrasting past simple and past continuous
  • Contrasting past simple and present perfect
  • Present perfect continuous
  • Modal verbs for obligation, deduction, ability and possibility
  • Future forms



  • Comparatives and superlatives


All submitted written pieces must be your own. Acknowledge any use of other people's ideas, whether quoting information directly, paraphrasing, or summarizing. Representing another person's ideas as your own, such as copy-pasting and submitting texts from the internet, is called plagiarism, and may lead to you being excluded from this course.



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