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English Language III
(Anglický jazyk 3 / AJB3)

3 credits, exam



Tomas James Czaban, M.A. (

PhDr. Alice Sukdolová, Ph.D. (


Course description

In the course of the first three semesters of Practical English the students will gradually and systematically build up their communicative competence in the target language to reach the level B2 according to CEFR. This practically oriented course aims at consolidating grammar and vocabulary and developing the four skills. It is co-taught by a Czech teacher and a native speaker.

Tomas James Czaban - vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking

Alice Sukdolová - grammar, listening, use of English



  • regular attendance (max. 3 absences) and active participation in seminars
  • completion of writing assignments
  • final exam 70% pass mark


Course book:

FCE Gold Plus Coursebook. Longman 2010. (U10 - U14)




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