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Canadian History and Culture (KAJ/CAN)

Summer semester 2017


This course will examine some of the elements that come together to define that elusive concept called Canadian identity. The topics covered will include the impact of Canadian geography and history on Canadians' every-day life and imagination, attitudes toward the First Nations, English-French relations, immigration policy, and multiculturalism.

This course is worth three credits, and is run in conjunction with Dr Koy's course on Canadian Literature. Students have to pass both parts of this course to obtain the credits.


Lecturer: Anna Regina Helal, M.A. (, Rm TL311
(Christopher Koy, PhD.

Office hours: Tuesday 10-11 am, Wednesday 9-10 am


Method of presentation: lectures, audio-visual and printed materials, use of online resources.


Credit Requirements:

  • Basic-facts knowledge test
  • An essay (around 1200-1500 words, double-spaced, 12 pts) on a topic related to the course and approved in advance.



All submitted written pieces must be your own. Acknowledge any use of other people's ideas, whether quoting information directly, paraphrasing, or summarizing. Representing another person's ideas as your own is called plagiarism, and may lead to you being excluded from this course. If you are not sure how to acknowledge your sources, consult with the teacher and/or the English Department's website:




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