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History of the United States (KAJ/DUS)

Christopher Koy, PhD ( )
Office Hrs: 13-14 Tuesdays & Wednesdays



Students will make one four to five minute (in-class) presentation and four page formal paper, selecting a historical figure from a list passed out in class as the topic for both tasks. At the end of the semester there will be a written examination, and if the student elects to do so [to change the grade result], an oral examination. The written and oral examination will be based on the topics on the worksheet "Places Events and People You Need to Know" based on lectures given throughout the semester as well as the text An Illustrated History of the USA.



Asa-Asa, Louis: The Negro boy's slave narrative. Reprinted in: The Classic Slave Narratives Gates, Henry Louis, Jr. (ed.). New York, Mentor, 1987, pp. 240-242.

Douglass, Frederick: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. New York, Dover, 1997.

Dunbar, Paul Laurence: "An Ante-Bellum Sermon" In: Selected Poems. New York, Dover, 1997.

Inge, M. Thomas (ed.): A Nineteenth Century Reader. New York, USIA, 1990.

Kennedy, Robert: "Indianapolis Speech", 1968. [Public domain]

Kindersley, Dorling: The Civil War: A Visual History. New York, Penguin Random House, Revised ed., 2015.

King, Martin Luther, "My Little Girl" (excerpt from Los Angeles Speech, 1963) and "I've Been to the Mountaintop" (excerpt from Memphis Speech, 1968). [Public domain]

Koy, Christopher etal: A Black Reader. Texts on African American History and Culture. Dobrá Voda u Pelhřímova, 2004.

Lane, Jack etal (eds.): A Twentieth Century American Reader. New York, USIA, 1999.

Lincoln, Abraham: The Second Inaugural Address (March 4, 1865), Selected Writings of Abraham Lincoln. New York, Bantam classic, 1992, pp. 319-321.

O'Callaghan, Bryn : An Illustrated History of the USA. London, Longman, 1990.



  1. Roanoke Colony
  2. Jamestown Colony
  3. Captain John Smith
  4. John Rolfe & Pocahontas
  5. 1619 slave ship in Virginia colony
  6. Plymouth Colony - 11 May 1620
  7. New Netherlands Colony
  8. Massachusetts Bay Colony
  9. John Winthrop
  10. The Great Awakening-J. Edwards
  11. Beaver Wars
  12. King Philip's War (Metacom)
  13. French & Indian Wars
  14. Yamasee War
  15. Pontiac's War
  16. Middle Passage
  17. Triangle Trade
  18. Stamp & Sugar Act
  19. Boston Massacre
  20. September 5, 1774
  21. Battle of Bunker Hill
  22. Common Sense
  23. Second Continental Congress
  24. Battles of Saratoga
  25. Military Alliance in 1778
  26. Valley Forge, Penn.
  27. Battle of Yorktown
  28. Treaty of Paris
  29. Shay's Rebellion
  30. Philadelphia Convention
  31. Capitals of the USA
  32. Chartering of First Bank of the US
  33. Cotton gin
  34. Whiskey Rebellion
  35. Jay Treaty
  36. Alien and Sedition Acts
  37. Louisiana Purchase
  38. Lewis & Clark expedition
  39. Ending of Intern. Slave Trade
  40. War of 1812
  41. Missouri Compromise
  42. The Monroe Doctrine
  43. Indian Removal Act
  44. Nat Turner's Slave Rebellion
  45. Panic of 1837
  46. Transcendentalism
  47. Mexican-American War
  48. California Gold Rush
  49. Fugitive Slave Act
  50. Nebraska-Kansas Act
  51. Dred Scott Supreme Court Decision
  52. J. Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry
  53. Election of 1860
  54. Pres. Jefferson Davis, CSA
  55. Attack on Fort Sumter
  56. The Homestead Act
  57. Battle of Gettysburg
  58. Emancipation Proclamation
  59. Gens. Rbt E. Lee & T. Jackson
  60. Gens. Sherman & Grant
  61. Thirteenth Amendment
  62. Pres. Abraham Lincoln's death
  63. Reconstruction
  64. Manifest Destiny
  65. Battle of Little Bighorn
  66. Sherman Anti-Trust Act
  67. Massacre at Wounded Knee
  68. Spanish-American War
  69. Henry Ford Establishes Car Firm
  70. Pure Food and Drug Act
  71. Boy Scouts Established 1910
  72. Woodrow Wilson
  73. WWI Begins, US initially Neutral
  74. Sinking of RMS Lusitania
  75. Eighteenth Amendment
  76. Nineteenth Amendment
  77. Johnson-Reed Immigration Act
  78. St. Valentine's Day Masscre
  79. October 29, 1929
  80. FDR's "New Deal" Legislation
  81. Social Security Act
  82. Fair Labor Standards Act
  83. December 7, 1941
  84. Normandy Landings
  85. Atomic Bombs (on Hiroshima, Nagasaki) and Japanese Surrender
  86. Marshall Plan for Western Europe
  87. NATO established
  88. Korean War
  89. Brown v Board of Education
  90. Space Race (Sputnik)
  91. Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Freedom Riders
  92. Cuban Missile Crisis
  93. Kennedy Assassination
  94. Civil Rights & Voting Rights Act
  95. Vietnam War
  96. Kent State Massacre
  97. Watergate Burglary & Cover-Up
  98. Viet Cong Wins Vietnam War
  99. Iran Hostage Crisis
  100. Iran-Contra Affair
  101. First Gulf War
  102. North American Free Trade Agreement (w/ Canada & Mexico)
  103. Oklahoma City Bombing
  104. Columbine H.S. Massacre
  105. World Trade Center Attacks
  106. The Patriot Act
  107. Afghanistan War
  108. Second Gulf War
  109. Hurricane Katrina
  110. Bankrupcy of Lehman Brothers Investment Bank: Crisis
  111. 1st Black President Elected
  112. Affordable Health Care Act
  113. ChelseaManning/WikiLeaks
  114. Cuban Diplomatic Relations



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