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Interpretation of Spoken Texts in English

(Interpretace mluveného textu / IMT)

2 units per week (1 seminar), 3 credits


Course description:

The course aims at enhancing those practical skills of the language that have to do with spoken word, i.e. the practical skills of speaking and listening. The seminars are designed to provide as much time as possible to let the students speak English (focus on production) as well as to provide plentiful listening activities (focus on perception).



Credit awarded for active participation in seminars, attendance (max. 3 absences) and course work:

  • 1 oral presentation - 10 minutes in length
  • preparation of a discussion based upon a visual aid OR:
  • preparation of a listening activity

Students are required to pass the final test on vocabulary and phrases that will have appeared throughout the course (score to pass: 70%, 1 retake).




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