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Metodika IV - MAJZ IV


Identifying needs of a group

Nominal group technique

  • clarification of the task = group discussion
  • silent nominations = each participant individually
  • master list

    TOPICS for 2009

    In brackets, there is the number of student votes assigned to particular topics:

    1. How to organize a class with different levels of knowledge and motivation (11)
    2. How to assess dyslexic students (5)
    3. How to teach pupils that are not talented for languages (2)
    4. How to teach teenagers who are not interested in anything (25)
    5. How to teach students with specific needs (handicapped) (0)
    6. How to teach English teachers (0)
    7. How to teach students with sight handicaps (0)
    8. Activities for talented students (5)
    9. How to teach students who are behind others (4)
    10. How to get students' attention (3)
    11. Ice breakers or quick exercises (12)
    12. How to improve or develop speaking skills (5)
    13. How to teach pronunciation to foreigners (3)
    14. How to deal with discipline problems (15)
    15. How to teach business English in an interesting (0)
  • evaluation = voting according to personal priorities, 3-1 votes.


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