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Multicultural education in English classes, KAJ/MVA

Mgr. Lenka Hessová, TL 308,

3 credits, seminar (2 classes/week), credit (zp)


Office hours

Wednesday 11.00 - 13.00



The students will become familiar with the cross-curricular topic Multikulturní výchova (Multicultural Education) and will explore the ways of implementing this cross-curricular topic into English classes. Also the current trends regarding Czech and European language teaching policies will be introduced in the seminar.



  • Entry language level upper-intermediate
  • Maximum of two absences and active participation in the seminar
  • Peer teaching + lesson plan showing implementation of ME in a concrete English class
  • Reflective essay at the end of the course, (A4)
  • Keeping seminar´s diary from each class


  1. The importance of culture in language teaching
  2. The cross-cultural topic Multikulturní výchova in English classes (RVP ZV)
  3. Plurilingvism, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  4. English teacher according to the EU standards
  5. Course books ´analysis, how is culture reflected in them
  6. Combining linguistic and intercultural aims (speaking, listening)
  7. Combining linguistic and intercultural aims (reading, writing)
  8. Peer teaching, content analysis
  9. Peer teaching, content analysis
  10. Peer teaching, content analysis
  11. Peer teaching, content analysis
  12. Content analysis of the whole course



Tomalin, B., Stempleski S.: Cultural Awareness, OUP, 1994.

Byram, M.: Cultural studies in Foreign Language Education, Multilingual Matters, 1989.

Průcha J.: Multikulturní výchova; Triton 2006.

Parekh, B.: Rethinking Multiculturalism Cultural Diversity and Political Theory, Palgrave 2000.



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