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Basics of Pronunciation (ZVP)

Summer Semester 2017


General goals:

This course deals with the most common aspects of pronunciation as encountered by intermediate learners of English. It will deal with word stress and intonation, selected individual sounds, linking and blending, as well as reading aloud skills. Emphasis will be more on practical aspects than theory, but students should become familiar with basic phonetical and phonological terminology.



Anna Regina Helal, TL 311
Consultation hours: Tuesday 10-11am; Wednesday 9-10 am


Mode of presentation: Weekly lectures and practical seminars



  • Clear Speech, Gilbert J.B.Cambridge University Press, 2005
  • Well Said, Grant, L., Heinle & Heinle Publishers, 2000
  • Authentic audio clips


Credit requirements:

  • regular attendance and active participation in class activities
  • completion of homework assignments
  • one written test on theory
  • oral exam (conditional on passing the written test).



All students must attend classes regularly (maximum two unexcused absences).


The written test:

There will be a written test during the exam period and will cover the entire course content.


The oral exam:

The final oral exam will be composed of three parts: 1. reading an unseen passage; 2. presenting a prepared dialogue (with a partner); 3. pronouncing several words according to phonetic transcription.



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