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Radka Pešlová: Learning Song Lyrics

Both my boyfriend and I are very interested in music, especially rock and pop. If I like a song, I usually want to know its lyrics. It's always surprising to find out that an enjoyable song can have a bad or nonsensical text and vice versa.

I love Bryan Adams for instance. He gave a concert in the Czech Republic in 2006. I understand the lyrics of most of his songs (Summer of 69, Heaven, I Need Somebody, All For Love, Everything I Do, Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?, etc.). If I don't understand some words, I look up them up. Then I can listen and sing along. The lyrics by the Beatles, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Creedance Clearwater Revival and many others are easy to follow and make good sense. I was very surprised when I was translating the lyrics written by Ozzy Osbourne. He may look like a crazy madman, but his songs have interesting texts.

I spend a lot of times listening to songs. As I listen I try to recall the words. I pay attention to the pronunciation as well. I even know many lyrics off by heart. When I write or have to say something in English, I may "borrow" expressions or sentences from the lyrics I know, not quite knowing why, but recalling that I have heard them somewhere.




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