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My Way of Learning


My Way of Learning

By Lenka Tarabová

Do you sometimes think reading is boring? Are you surprised that some people can read so much? Well, I think it's quite normal. I started reading very early, at the age of three, and have never stopped since.

For me, reading is the best thing to do whenever I want to fall asleep. I also grab a book when I am under stress and need to relax a bit. You can lose yourself in the world of the book, solve your problems with the book's main characters, and forget about your own problems. And sometimes you realize that other people may have worse problems than you.

A funny story can improve your mood. Sometimes, books can offer you good advice. Or they can help you choose the right job.

Sometimes I am so attracted to the story I just can't stop reading in mid-sentence. I simply MUST read right to the end to see what will happen. I am stuck to the book like glue.

Reading is a good way to learn a new language. If you read English books, you might learn how grammar is used. You can pick up a lot of new vocabulary and expressions - not only in the foreign language but in your mother tongue, too. Then you can better express your thoughts. You will avoid saying things like "Er"...I wanted to"

So here is a greeting from me to all the people who have the same hobby as I! And you, non-readers, here is a piece of advice for you - start reading. It's a hobby that will cost you nothing.




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