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My Way of Learning


Discover the realm of dangerous beauty

By Alena Dufkova

What activity would you specify as the most dangerous? Bungeejumping perhaps? Rockclimbing? Box? Rugby? But surely it would not be something as simple as writing. Maybe you have just shaken your head in disbelief. Maybe you cannot imagine how this could be so health-threatening. That means one thing: you have never stepped into the world that exists in the soul of every writer - amateur or professional.

It would seem that all you have to do to create a story is to sit down, take some paper and a pencil, and write and write until your work is finished. Just how hard can it be? Where is the danger and adrenalin in that?

The real risk awaits not in the physical process of making. Rather, it is hidden in that inner world which is carried in the heart and mind of the autor. Because he or she lives with his heroes. He gives them his emotions, his energy. After an hour of concentrated writing you will probably feel more tired than after an hour of hard manual work. And if you truly live with your heroes, then you should prepare yourself for meeting those parts of your mind which do not allow you to sleep peacefully. Those parts of what you may call "private fantasies". They will consume you, devour you and disturb you when you'd like to concentrate on something.

On the other hand, during the writing process you can learn many things about yourself and you can visit many places no-one has ever been to before. Maybe you'd like to try it. Maybe somewhere deep inside you are longing to enter that dangerous land to be amazed by its wonders, to meet with those strange creatures that you sometimes see in your dreams. So do not be shy. The knocker on the magical door awaits only your touch. Feel the peace while watching violet stars in the inky sky, count all the flowers that are mebroidered in the velvety strands of red-haired fairies, ride the fire-breating dragon and pull the sword from the rock. Are you ready for all that adrenalin rush and adventure? Ten we will meet on the other side of the Door and together we will bow to the Storykeeper.


Pieces of the soul

By Alena Dufkova

She is waiting for your mind,
She will fill it with a story.
Don´t let sleep pass you by,
It´s the way to see her glory.
I can see what you see not,
Vision silver, then sky gold.
Come to my realm in your soul,
Its pieces with stories will grow.











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