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My Way of Learning


Choosing my future job

By Lenka Tarabová


As I am free to choose any topic, I would like to write about my future career options. Many people have been asking: "What will you do after your university? Will you be teaching then?"

This "asking" started about one year ago, during our school-leaving exams. People were talking a lot about their plans, dreams, hobbies, ideal schools, trying to make the kinds of choices that would enable them to do the job they wanted the most. And of course - I had to answer these questions too and had to take part in discussions. My answer was simple: "Well, I don´t necessarily have to teach after graduating from my university. I can do a lot of other things!"

I have three interesting options: a teacher, a tourist guide or a translator. All three jobs would be good - each and every one has its own pros and cons - and that is what I want to write about.


The pros and cons of being a teacher:

The pros:

  • Quiet work; good, if you have children - you have enough time for them, have 2 months a year of summer holidays, in addition to winter holidays in December and Easter holidays at the beginning of spring.
  • You teach children something new - you have a big influence on them. As a teacher you are a person who can help shape the young children's characters.
  • I´ve always liked children, even the small ones, and I would love to work with them, prepare exercises and games for them, and teach them something interesting.

The cons:

  • The problem we have is that teachers do not get enough money, especially at the primary school level
  • It might seem that being a teacher is simple, but there is a lot of correcting of homework and tests, preparing games and exercises for every single lesson (so as to make it more interesting) - I can see this problem in my own family as my mother is a teacher at a high school.
  • In most cases there isn´t anything dramatic happening at school, but in the last few years there have been a lot of accidents and incidents (mostly in America, but now in Europe too) - with students taking drugs, carrying guns to school, etc.


The pros and cons of being a tourist guide:

The pros:

  • Beány a tourist guide appears to be a glamorous job, you get a lot of money because a lot of foreigners come to our country, mostly in the summer months. Especially in Pratur, there are many sights that the tourists want to see with a profesional guide who can give them important historical and cultural information.
  • In South Bohemia, there are many sights too - many castles, palaces, old bridges, etc...
  • If you make a good schedule, you´ll have a lot of free time for your family and friends.

The cons:

  • This job needs a lot of travelling, you have to move from one place to another, if your customers want to.
  • The groups of tourists often pre-book your guiding services, so you have to keep a kind of a "diary" and plan everything beforehand.
  • In the summer months you have a lot of work, but in winter there is hardly any.
  • You don´t have holidays the same time as your children.


The pros and cons of being a translator:

The pros:

  • A translator can find a job anytime and anywhere. In our country we still need translators - foreign magazines, newspapers and books need to be translated for Czech people.
  • Many foreign companies (which are based here in the Czech Republic) need translators.
  • Moreover, you get a good salary.
  • You can make your own schedule and have a lot of free time. You can be with your family, go to the cinema, to the theatre, spend time with your children, etc.
  • As a translator you can have holidays during the whole year, you don´t have to ask for any special days off at work.

The cons:

  • Can´t find any special disadvantages in this job.



I would prefer to be a translator. This job is ideal for me. I could read a lot (and that´s the thing I like). I can choose what I want to read - whether magazines, newspapers or books. My dream is to translate something like books by J. K. Rowling about Harry Potter - and do it sooner before other translators do so.

I can see at home that a teaching job isn´t ideal these days because there are a lot of reforms (e. g. the state school-leaving exams given by the government - equal for all students). Teachers have to teach from books given by the school director or the government. In general, teaching means a lot of responsibility.

So this is my opinion about these three job options and about the work I would be delighted to do.



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