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English as Foreign Language Teaching Practice


Teaching practice takes place on Wednesday morning (1. and 2. lesson). Each group observes 2 or 3 lessons and then the students start teaching the classes themselves.

Course requirements:

  • 100% attendance
  • Active participation (taking part in analyzing lessons, observing lessons and giving feedback about them, keeping an observer's logbook etc. )
  • Teaching at least one lesson observed by a department methodology teacher
  • The credit will be given at an interview with the methodology teacher after the student has submitted the following materials:
    • One written lesson plan accompanied by a evaluating commentary
    • A summative paper of 2 pages reflecting on the student's development throughout the teaching practice



Competence in planning

  • The structure of the lesson
  • Aims of the lesson
  • What was taught, revised etc.
  • Methods
  • Materials
  • Range of activities

Competence in performance

  • Explanations of the teacher
  • Adaptation of the teacher´s plan according to the needs of the group / an individual learner
  • Learners´ involvement in class work
  • Motivation of the learners
  • Teacher´s interest in learners´ opinions, ideas
  • Appropriate timing

Social and communicative competence

  • Relationships among learners
  • Willingness to help each other, openness to the opinions of other learners
  • Cooperation, group work, pair work
  • Overall atmosphere in the class
  • Discipline in the class


  • Teacher´s use of appropriate assessment techniques
  • Areas of strength / weakness
  • Reasons why activities were successful / unsuccessful
  • How to improve future teaching



(answers to these questions can be incorporated into your commented lesson plan or final essay)

How did you feel about the lesson?

Did everything go according to your lesson plan?

Did anything unexpected happen? What did you do?

Which part(s) of your lesson do you feel were most successful? Why do you think so?

Which part(s) of your lesson did you feel were least successful? Why do you think so?

What would you change if you taught the same lesson again?

What did your students learn? How do you know?

What did you learn from this teaching practice?



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