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Publikační činnost

Anna Regina Helal, M.A.

Helal-Kroutl, A.R.: Pictorial Representations of Aboriginal Life in Canadian History Textbooks: Deconstructing Stereotypes? Teaching Canada - Enseigner le Canada. SALC Vol. 9, Wissner Verlag, Augsburg 2017, ISBN 978-3-95786-104-7.

Helal-Kroutl, A.R.: Quebec's Reasonable Accommodation: Eating Shish Taouk but Standing Firm on Identity. Re-exploring Canadian Space; International and Multidisciplinary Conference (November 26-28, 2008) at Centre for Canadian Studies, University of Groningen, Netherlands.

Helal-Kroutl, A.R.: Authentic Context for Second-Language Pronunciation Courses: A Panacea or a Fad? Lingua Viva, České Budejovice 6/2008, ISSN 1801-1489

Helal-Kroutl, A.R.: The Pros and Cons of Virtual Language-Lab Systems. Challenges in English-Language Teaching II, Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem, Usti nad Labem, 2008, ISBN 978-80-7414-008-2

Helal-Kroutl, A.R.: Canadian Gays and Lesbians on Firmer Grounds: Doors Opening to New Class of Refugee Claims. Canada as Refuge? Multidisciplinary conference examining the ideal of Canada as a country of political, economic, religious, intellectual and cultural refuge (May 1-2, 2008) at Centre of Canadian Studies, the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK ( Online conference proceedings:

Helal-Kroutl, A.R.: Creating Online Collaborative Models for ESL Writing Exercises. EADTU conference on: International Courses and Services Online: Virtual Erasmus and a New Generation of Open Educational Resources for a European and Global Outreach, November, 2007, Lisbon, Portugal.

Helal-Kroutl, A.R.: Designing Self-Access Multi-Media Activities for Virtual Language Labs. Conference on Interactive Computer-Aided Learning, Villach, Austria, September 2006. ISBN: 3-89958-195-4 Kassel University



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