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Mgr. Leona Rohrauer

room: TL 308
phone: 387 773 236


Subjects taught: Practical Language, Text Linguistics, Lexicology, Selected Issues in Linguistics, Interpretation of Spoken/Written Texts


Research interests: Functional sentence perspective (Presentation Scale)



2008 - now Postgraduate in the doctoral degree programme at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague.
Major: Philology - English Language.
Doctoral thesis topic: Realizations of Presentation Scale in English
2008-2010 Coordinator in the Project of Parallel Corpus financed by the government of the Czech Republic under the registration number MSM0021620823
2007 Vilem Mathesius Prize for linguistic diploma thesis "Syntactic and FSP Aspects of the Existential Construction in Fiction"
Graduated with Degree of Honours from the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague
2001-2007 Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague
English and American Studies, Major: Philology - English Language
2006-2007 Visiting student at the University of Sheffield, modules: Pragmatics, Advanced Stylistics, Russian
2002-2004 Research Assistant at the Institute of Phonetics, Charles University in Prague
1999-2000 Law translations, Faculty of Law, Charles University, Prague
1996-1997 TOEFEL, Newark University, New Jersey, USA


Supervised Bachelor and Diploma Theses


Recent Research Activities

14. 4. 2013 a member of Czech Association for the Study of English, CZASE (a member of The European Society for the Study of English)
1. 7. - 3. 7. 2013 24th European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference and Workshop (ESFLCW) at Coventry University. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN SFL THEORY AND PRACTICE. Paper: Presentation Scale - On Some Aspects of the Centre and Periphery
1. 10. - 31. 10. 2013 Research Scholarship at University of Vienna, Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, Spitalgasse 2, Hof 8, 1090 Wien. (Aktion Österreich - Tschechien: AÖCZ Universitätslehrerstipendien)



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