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Katedra anglistiky


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Methodology - English for primary school


Students will be expected to provide basic theoretical background as well as practical examples to one or more of the following topics. The discussion will be held in English with the exception of topic number 18. Students are allowed and encouraged to bring their favourite teaching materials, such as textbooks or activities they themselves designed and used during teaching practice. These materials can be used for the practical demonstration of the discussed concepts.


  1. Characteristics of very young and young foreign language learners.
  2. First language acquisition.
  3. Second language learning.
  4. Motivating young foreign language learners.
  5. Learning styles and strategies.
  6. Methods of language teaching.
  7. Classroom management and atmosphere.
  8. Vocabulary.
  9. Grammar.
  10. Pronunciation.
  11. Listening.
  12. Reading.
  13. Speaking.
  14. Writing.
  15. Assessment and error correction.
  16. Storytelling, songs and rhymes.
  17. Classroom language. Mother tongue vs. target language.
  18. Rámcový vzdělávací program - pojetí výuky cizího jazyka na základní škole.



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