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doc. František Hudeček


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During the years 1966-1972, pianist Frantisek Hudecek (born 1951) undertook and completed studies at the Brno Conservatoire. He participated in two national performance competitions within this period, at which he met notable success, having been awarded first prize in the 1970 Beethoven Competition at Hradec nad Moravici and second prize in the 1971 Chopin Competition at Marianske Lazne.

From 1972-1977, Hudecek continued his studies at AMU, the National Music Academy in Prague, under the guidance of two significant figures of the Czech and Russian piano traditions, Professor Frantisek Rauch and Assistent Professor Valentina Kamenikova. The experience he gained from partaking in the international F. Busoni Competition in Bolzano, Italy was welcomed for the developments it offered his career as a concert pianist, as well as the opportunity it provided to visit other European cities. Hudecek´s completion of his studies at AMU was marked by a graduate recital performed with the Prague Symphony Orchestra (FOK).

After completing basic military servise in Prague (1978), Hudecek attained a position at the Faculty of Education in České Budejovice. While maintaining this post, Hudecek chose to further his academic career when, between the years of 1982-1987, he returned to AMU as a postgraduate scholar under the tutelage of Professor Josef Palenicek.

Hudecek has had the honour to be received most favourably by a number of the foremost critics of the Czech Republic in response to his performances at such renowned festivals as Mlada Podia in Karlovy Vary, Talentinum Zlin, Mlada Smetanova Litomysl, and the Festival of Young Concert Performers held in Trencianske Teplice, amongst others.

For many years now, Frantisek Hudecek has collaborated with the Czech Radio and Television, for whom he has recorded various works. His repertoire is wide, comprising pieces from every stylistic period, including twentieth-century contemporary music.

His pedagogical cereer has continued with much succes. With the foundation of the South Bohenia University (Jihoceska Univerzita) in 1991, he has promoted to assistant professor in the Department of Piano Performance, a position which he held alongside memberhip of the university´s scietific board. In 1998, Hudecek was appointed general director of musical education within the Faculty of Education of the South Bohemian University, a post which he holds to this day.



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