RNDr. Vladimíra Petrášková, Ph.D.
Mgr. Roman Hašek, Ph.D.

Introduction to finance



The objective of the subject is to provide students with the basic knowledge of the field of finance enabling them to settle situations of common life, e.g. management of cash and non-cash money as well as related transactions and management of the instruments designed for this purpose (current account, payment instruments...), management of financial assets (e.g. deposits, investment and insurance) and liabilities (e.g. credits or leasing).


Educational objectives

A graduate in the subject acquires knowledge and skills helpful to his/her better orientation in the issue of money and prices and to gain capability to administer, in a responsible manner, family budget (family budget management, determination of financial objectives and decision-making concerning allocation of funds).


Course programme

  1. Simple interest, discount, relationship between interest rate and discount rate. Present value. Purchase discount.
  2. Compound interest, mixed interest. Present value.
  3. Effective interest rate, intensity of interest running - continuous interest, nominal and real interest rate, gross and net proceeds. Inflation.
  4. Savings (short-time, long-term, combined).
  5. Building saving.
  6. Annuity as regular payment from investment.
  7. Consumer credits - The offer on the Czech market.
  8. Mortgage credits - The offer on the Czech market.
  9. Credit cards. hire-purchase companies .
  10. Current accounts. Banking facilities. The offer on the Czech market.
  11. Students´ accounts. The offer on the Czech market.
  12. Notes and exchange business.
  13. Bonds - standard concepts.
  14. Stocks. BCCP. Exchange indexes.
  15. Bonds.mw (zip file)
  16. SupplementaryPensionInsuranceVsBuildingSavings.mw (zip file)



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