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Časopis Studia Kinanthropologica Studia Kinanthropologica is scientific journal for kinathropology. The journal is published in two issues per year. The contributions are accepted continuously throughout the year. In 2010 the Government Council for Research and Development classified journal Studia Kinanthropologica as a ”Reviewed Journal”. It is also on the updated list from 2014. Studia Kinanthropologica journal is indexed in the database Medvik – Bibliographia Medica Čechoslovaca (BMČ) of National Medical library Prague, Czech Republic.

Scientific Journal for Kinanthropology is mainly a place for publishing reports of empirical studies, review articles, or theoretical articles. Articles are published in Czech, Slovak, and/or English language. The author (senior author) is responsible for special and formal part of the article. All texts are subject to review process and assessed by at least two expert referees. The review procedure is authorless. Board of editors decide about article´s publishing having regard to scientific importance and review process. For content and linguistic correctness is responsible author, authors of individual contributions.