Mgr. - Teacher Training in Geography

Master´s degree double-subject full-time study with the standard length - 2 years.



Department of Geography, Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice, Jeronýmova 10, České Budějovice   

Phone number: 387 773 060, e-mail adress:


Course characteristic 

The Master´s degree course teaching of Geography at elementary schools is directly linked to the Bachelor´s degree in Geography with focus on Education, respectively on similar fields of teaching specialization graduated at another university. Subjects at this level of education are based on student´s knowledges of general Physical and Social Geography that were part of the previous stage of study. A substantial part of taught required subjects isconcentrated: on the one hand, on the regional geography of the world and knowledge of the specifics of global macro-regions, individual countries, regions; and on the other hand, to acquire theoretical and practical didactic experience in teaching geography. The study program is strengthened, besides fundamental subjects of Didactics of Geography, there are also two other didactic subjects. It is the application of Inquiry-based Education of Geography important to support children´s inventiveness; and the issue of Global Development Education as a broader educational engagement, which corresponds to one of the cross-section theme of Framework educational program - Thinking in European and global contexts.


Graduate profile

Graduation - student acquires qualifications and ability to perform the teaching profession. Specifically, teaching geography at elementary schools with another subject according to graduated approbation. Graduate of teaching specialization degree in geography at the Faculty of Education in University of South Bohemia has except traditional teaching skills theoretical and practical experience with using innovative forms of education including Project-based Education and Inquiry-based Education of Geography. He has knowledges of the possibilities and the implementation of Global Development Education.
In addition to teaching practice graduate with regard to the complex character of the study of geography can also be applied in the public and private sectors, non-governmental sector with a focus on solving of regional and spatial problems associated with questions of nature and its protection or issues of socio-economic development of the territory, etc. 
The advantage of graduates are their wide range of skills in the use of information technology, especially in the field of Geographic Information Systems.

Admission exam  

A written admission exam for Master's degree of teaching geography execute only those candidates who cannot demonstrate the value of the weighted grade point average of geography from the previous Bachelor's degree. Character, course and difficulty of written admission exam corresponds to the written state final exam of geography at the Department of Geography of the Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia. Rating of written admision examination is the same as the rating of written state final exam and the result is converted into a point system of admission procedure:

Number of points of the written admission exam:            Number of point in the system of admission procedure: 

60-58 p.                                                                              100 p.

57-54 p.                                                                                95 p.

53-51 p.                                                                                90 p.

50-48 p.                                                                                85 p.

47-44 p.                                                                                80 p.

43-41 p.                                                                                75 p.

40-38 p.                                                                                70 p.

37-34 p.                                                                                65 p.

33-31 p.                                                                                60 p.

30-26 p.                                                                                30 p

25-21 p.                                                                                25 p.

20-16 p.                                                                                20 p.

15-11 p.                                                                                15 p.

10-  6 p.                                                                                10 p.

  5-  0 p.                                                                                 0 p. 

Applicants who reached at least 60 p. meet the admission requirements.

Applicants who demonstrate the weighted grade point average of geography from the previous Bachelor's degree do not take place admission exam. In the case of applicants from the Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia the Department of Geography of the Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia will require appropriate documentation from Study Department of the Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia. Other applicants must submit the weighted grade point average of geography from the previous Bachelor's degree on 7 June 2016 or 14 June 2016 always from 8 am to 14 pm at the Secretary of Department of Geography to Mrs. Hana Malikova (office J 417). Document of the acquired value of weighted grade point average of geography will be duly confirmed by appropriate Study Department of studied University. These candidates will receive confirmation of submission of the requested document. Subsequently, the Department of Geography will creates a ranking of applicants on the basis of the documented weighted grade point average of geography. Applicant with the best value of weighted grade point average of geography will award 100 points. Applicant with the worst value of weighted grade point average of geography will award the lowest number of points according to the obtained ranking. Applicants who did the written admission exam will be assigned the appropriate number of points based on the result of the written admission exam.