Symbol PF IBD Partnership - agentura zprostředkovávající stáže ve Velké Británii

We would like to inform you and your organisation, that regardless the results of Brexit, UK is still part of EU and the EU funded projects will continue to run smoothly at least until 2020. We kindly invite you to apply for Erasmus + and other EU projects together with The IBD Partnership and send your participants to UK.

The IBD Partnership is a reliable, professional and experienced partner in UK. We would like to offer you and your organization our help with the mobility projects ERASMUS + in the call for proposals 2017.

IBD Partnership is a British education and business consultancy that organises and manages EU mobility projects (Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus +) in UK and abroad for 10 years. We welcome projects in 3 amazing UK cities: Portsmouth, Southampton, and Brighton. We have a great experience in the education, training and placement sector.

We cooperate with foreign partners and receive project participants from around 20 EU countries! The IBD Partnership has managed successfully to organise and implement both sending organisations aims and also student expectations already for several years.

Ask us for Mandate or any other project related documentation you may need for successful submission! We will be more than happy to help!

We deliver quality programs for the project participants and as a partner we could offer you the following services:

  • Work placements and internships for project participants (not sure about sector? Ask us!);
  • Seminars, workshops, and professional visits;
  • Courses for teachers and professionals (ask for the list of courses in 2017);
  • Accommodation: hotels, host families, shared accommodation and student residences etc.;
  • English language courses in certified language school;
  • Local transport and airport transfers;
  • Cultural visits to the most famous UK cities and sites, and other free-time activities
  • Administration, monitoring and regular meetings with the project participants;
  • Documentation: Certificates, Europasses, Final reports etc.


download brochure (.pdf)