South Bohemian Anglo-American Studies No. 1: Dream, Imagination and Reality in Literature (2007)

Table of Contents

Martin Procházka Dream, Imagination and Reality in Literature: An Introduction 6
I. Imagination and Fantasy – Imaginary Worlds:
Gargi Gangopadhyay Make-belief and Dis-belief: Operations of Fantasy in Fairy Tales and Nonsense 9
Renata Kamenická Dreaming the Original: Original and Translation as Two Different Fictional Worlds 15
II. Dreams in Literature:
Coralline Dupuy Mentorial Dreams in S. F. Said’s Novel for Children, Varjak Paw 22
Jana Heczková „(Un)Dreamable Dreams:“ Temporality and Dream in Alice Walker’s The Temple of My Familiar and Toni Morrison’s Beloved 27
Jaroslav Kušnír Reality, Imagination and Possible Worlds in American Postmodern Fiction – Barthelme’s Short Story „The Dragon“ 34
Bohuslav Mánek Dreams of the Great Past in Czech Romantic Poetry: Edmund Břetislav Kaizl and His Poem Křivoklát 41
Helena Tampierová The Dream of the Rood – A Blend of Christian and Pagan Values 47
III. Imagining Gender, Otherness and Children:
Petr Dvořák The Image of Children in the Novels and Short Stories by Graham Greene 52
Parvin Ghasemi Reflections of Self and Other in Sylvia Plath’s „Mirror“ Imagery 58
Libuše Lišková Reflection of Reality in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 63
Cristina Pérez Valverde Dreams and Liminality in the Mary Poppins Books 67
Sandra J. Williams Death, Angels and Football – Blake’s Visions and Almond’s England 73
IV. Dreams/Imagining and Place:
Petr Chalupský The Real and Imaginary City in the Works of Martin Amis and Ian McEwan 78
Andrea A. Dancer Ernest Thompson Seton and the Canadian Wilderness Imaginary: The Realistic Illusion of Nature 85
Christopher E. Koy Signifying on Scots: Charles W. Chesnutt’s Parodies of Walter Scott 93
Kateřina Prajznerová Women Farmers’ Dream of Home: A Bioregional Analysis of Harriette Simpson Arnow’s Hunter’s Horn and Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer 102
Alice Sukdolová The Heterotopia of Victorian Landscape 107
V. Dream and Reality:
Biljana Djorić-Francuski How Many Dreams Are There in Murdoch’s Bruno’s Dream? Dream as the Symbol of Reality, Imagination and Death 111
Zuzana Fonioková The Orphan’s Dream Come True: Representation of Reality in Ishiguro’s When We Were Orphans 118
Kamila Vránková ‚A Fearful Voyage I Had:‘ Dreams of Reality in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre and Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea 123
Jakub Ženíšek Woodoo or Allegory? Toni Morrison’s Magical Realism Walks a Thin Line Between Magic Reality and Mythical Folklore 128
VI. Imagination and Reality in Film and Theatre:
Lucie Podroužková Imagining Shakespeare: Fact and Fiction in Shakespeare in Love 134
Zénó Vernyik Charting a Dream: The Spatial and Textual Structure of E. E. Cummings’ Him 140
Zsófia Anna Tóth On the Verge of Reality: Roxie’s Daydreaming as Passage Between Two Realms of Existence in Chicago 147