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The University of Bridgeport (UB) is currently the fastest growing university in the State of Connecticut and in New England. The Graduate Studies and Research Division (GSRD) at the University of Bridgeport offers more than 500 Full-Paid Graduate Assistantships, Teaching Assistantships, and Research Assistantships per year for graduate students, in addition to many workstudy opportunities. UB offers excellent post-graduation job placement opportunities for both domestic and international students, with more than 600 companies, school districts, research laboratories and industries that have employed UB graduates in the last several years.

As a unit of the GSRD, UB’s School of Engineering (SOE) is the fastest growing School of Engineering in the nation and is home to the largest graduate engineering program in Connecticut with over 1,500 current students; and is home to one of the four largest engineering programs in New England. The School of Engineering’s recent accomplishments in the growth of academic quality, enrollment and research productivity have been frequently cited in academia, the engineering community and the media.

Among its diverse set of programs, the School of Engineering offers an M.S. degree in Technology Management (TM). The Master’s Degree Program is designed to develop leaders adept at managing technology dependent organizations, technological change, and skilled in establishing and maintaining superior competitive advantage for their respective enterprises. The M.S. in Technology Management Program is specifically designed to develop inter-disciplinary skills and competencies in: the management of technology dependent businesses and enterprises, global markets, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, leadership and people skills, new product, service and venture creation, managing change and innovation proactively, strategic, tactical and project planning and execution and many other skills. The TM degree facilitates and encourages several inter-disciplinary studies and concentrations within the Colleges of Business, Engineering and Education and Human Resources.

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The Technology Management degree prepares students for many career choices and allows students to tailor their education options to prepare them for rewarding careers in business, engineering, consulting and/or management. The exciting and innovative degree concentrations include: Accounting; Automation and Robotics; Bio-Tech Management; CAD/CAM; China/India Trade; Computer Communications and Networking; Corporate, Government and Information Security & Continuity Management; E-Commerce; Entrepreneurship and Technology New Venture Creation; Environment and Energy Management; Finance; Global Business and Marketing; Global Program and Project Management; Health Care Management & Administration; Human Resources Management; Information Technology; Intellectual Property Management; Management and Operations; Manufacturing Management; Modern Data Base Systems; New Product Development and Commercialization; Service Management and Engineering; Software Engineering; Strategic Sourcing, Outsourcing and Vendor Management; Supply Chain Management and Wireless and Mobile Communications.

The inter-disciplinary graduate concentrations may be incorporated into the TM program or other graduate programs offered by the Colleges of Business, Engineering and Education and Human Resources or integrated within a dual graduate degree program. Students can elect, in addition to the TM program, to enroll in one or more graduate degrees at the Masters level in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, MBA, the M.S. in MSIT (Masters of Science in Instructional Technology) program; or the Ph.D. program in Computer Science and Engineering.

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