Pedagogická fakulta Jihočeské univerzity
v Českých Budějovicích
U Tří lvů 1/A, 37001 Č. Budějovice
tel.: +420 387 773 214





Information in English

The studio of art-therapy at the Paedagogical Faculty of South Bohemian University in České Budějovice is headed by an art historian and it offers, however, education and training in the use of cultivating and therapeutic function of art.

The education is based on Prinzhorn's and Jasper's research of relations between artistic expression and mental state of man. It focuses on stimulation, cultivation, diagnostical and therapeutic use of works of both children and adults in various educational, social, and health-care institutions. It further uses "art" as a tool helping to change one's mental patterns.

The qualification of art-therapist is acquired after a four-year course, closed with a state-examination.

The course includes a compulsory praxis - ninety-one hours under supervision in South Bohemian health-care institutions.



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